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İstanbul Makina

Founded in 1992, Istanbul Makina brings together the sales and after-sales services of CNC machine tools, which it represents in Turkey, with the manufacturers.

Today, with its experienced staff of more than 110 people experienced in CNC machine tools, Istanbul Europe, Istanbul Anatolia, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Konya, Eskişehir and Adana regions, it brings all Turkish industrialists together with machine tools with high speed and quality.

Istanbul Makina, which meets all the demands of the manufacturer at the same time with high quality brands such as Takisawa, Sodick, Quaser, Awea, Matsuura, Kiwa, Okamoto, Ares Seiki, Palmary, Quick Jet, Proth, Oscarmax, Trens, Millstar, Ken, Microntec, Nexturn, Alzmetall, Pinacho, Radar and its own brand Arion, has been the leader of its sector for 31 years.

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What are the Advantages of CNC Machines?
CNC machines are machines that process and produce workpieces under computer control. To learn about the advantages of CNC machines cnc makinaların avantajları nelerdir isimli yazımızı okuyabilirsiniz.

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Usage Areas of Wire Erosion
Wire EDM is a production technology widely used in the metalworking industry. Often referred to as "EDM", it offers an ideal solution for the precision shaping of metal parts.